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New Insoles


Routine Podiatry Appointment

After taking a medical history, our podiatrist will  check the general health of your feet, skin condition and temperature. We can also check your pulses to make sure everything is okay. The appointment can also cover treatment-nail cutting and thinning, if required, callus and corn removal.

Nail Surgey

The aim of nail surgery is to remove some or all of a toenail because it is causing a problem that has not gone away with usual nail care. Sometimes a chemical will be used to try and stop the nail from growing back again. 

Verruca (Dry) Needling

Verruca needling is a procedure carried out under local anaesthesia. It is performed, subject to medical suitability, on adults with stubborn or painful verrucae, which have not responded to traditional treatment methods.

It aims to stimulate an immune response to the virus which causes the verrucae. Using a local anaesthetic to numb the infected area, your podiatrist will then use a fine needle to puncture the verruca multiple times. 


Podiatric acupuncture is a therapeutic tool which can be used in the treatment of foot and lower limb problems. It involves placing acupuncture needles along particular pathways or at trigger point's through-out the body. As a result of this, the body releases its natural painkillers, providing relief from pain and discomfort associated with some conditions. 


Podiatric biomechanics involves the assessment of the structure, alignment and function of the feet and legs. 

It further includes the treatment of pathologies and problems relating to abnormal foot structure and function. Treatment includes prescription orthotics, exercise and rehabilitation advice


In addition to dry needling, we also offer:

  • Acid treatment

  • Acupunture

  • Marigold therapy

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